Version 1.2 is here!


So I know quite a few people have been asking us for some new features and bug fixes. I am pleased to tell you that our ‘most major’ release since we launched is finally here. What does it include?

Bug fixes

  1. We fixed a horrendous bug that meant one could to update the number of items in the cart on the checkout page. This was a killer bug but we crushed it. Thanks peura.
  2. There other bug fixes are very minor and relate to the emails sent out by DukaPress – we changed it so that the email does not say it is from DukaPress but from the shop that Dukapress is installed on.

NEW features
This is the good part and it excites us to no end!

DukaPress custom GUI

DukaPress custom GUI

  1. Of course the major new feature is the new custom DukaPress GUI. This means that when you are creating a new product, you do not need to mess with custom fields – there is now a friendly and accessible GUI for putting in the product details! How cool is that?
  2. DukaPress Custom Post Type

    DukaPress Custom Post Type

  3. The other huge feature is that now DukaPress supports WordPress 3.0 custom post types. What does this mean? This means that instead of creating a new product by making a WordPress post, you can just use the new “Product” post type. We believe this makes DukaPress better, easier and more intuitive.

These new features meant that we had to change the way DukaPress works a little. Specifically, we changed how the shortcode [dpsc_grid_display] works. We added a variable for you to indicate which post type the DukaPress grid should display.

What does this mean? The addition of the new “products” post type makes it necessary to specify which post type the grid should ‘pull’ products from. This is because it can only display products from one post type at a time.

If you want to display the Grid and you are using normal WordPress posts as your products, then you do not need to change the way you use the shortcode.

However, if you want to use the new “products” post type and want to display the Grid, then you need to configure the shortcode to look like this:
[dpsc_grid_display category=”5” total=”12″ column=”3″ per_page=”10″ type=”duka”]

Note the variable ‘type=duka‘. This tells DukaPress to show products from the “products” post type.

Download DukaPress HERE.

What do you think of DukaPress 1.2.0?

33 Responses

  1. RaulK says:

    It’s very interesting…but there is a problem with the checkout page…an order could be sent without data of address inserted….it’s only a my error setting or bug?!?

    • Kelvin says:

      Thank you for the warm words. Yes you are right, we did not fix this bug. We’ll do it in the next few days. Promise.

      At least it is usable in a way still. 🙂

  2. Maels says:

    Seems you have created a wonderful plugin!

    Where is the link for download duka 1.2? 🙂

  3. RaulK says:

    I hope this plugin will became the best e-commerce plugin for wordpress…an other critic point/suggestion: shipping and nations…cost of ships could be change according to market target: and have different shipping cost for different nations! I hope to be useful.. 😉

    • Kelvin says:

      Thanks so much RaulK. We hope that DukaPress never stops growing. To do that we need help from people like you. Thank you!

      I haven’t understood your idea – can you explain a little more?

  4. Alyen says:

    wave’m testing your plugin and I would like to know if any work or tag template to create a slide or feacture itens.

  5. Another good move would be to allow external plugins to hook on your system, mainly, payment gateways and shipping gateways.

    See two /very simple) samples of that approach on my plugins for Sociable and for AuthorBox Reloaded.

  6. peura says:

    Thanks for the new update and the cool new features! Works great.

    There are a few minor things … your docs still advise the use of custom fields which might be confusing if somebody doesn’t read this blog post.

    If somebody enters the price with comma separated values (as it is common in many European countries) the item won’t show up.

    And a suggestion for the next update. If somebody adds an item to the cart it would be great if there could be a message such as “your item has been added to the cart” or similar. Just a suggestion because one might have the impression “nothing happens” after clicking the add to cart button.

    Thanks for this nice plugin. I like it a lot .. 🙂

  7. peura says:

    hi, it’s me again … 🙂
    just another suggestion. It would be great if all terms, such as “price”, “add to cart” … and so on would be wrapped in translatable strings, such as

    just a suggestion …
    thanks again !

  8. RaulK says:

    Hello Kelvin, the idea is to have shipping options for every state i want ho sell.
    Example: i live in Italy and want to sell in France, Spain and South Africa. Shipping cost are different for every state (for example a flat rate for
    France,one for Spain and one for South Africa).So there’s the need of choose States(markets) where i want to sell, and shipping options for every market.What do you think about it?

  9. RaulK says:

    Note: if you use breadcrumbs (like NavXT plugins), there’s the problem of the category. I go on single product page by clicking on a product in the page with the shortcode [dpsc_grid_display category=”1” total=”12″ column=”3″ per_page=”4″ type=”duka”]. But when i am on single product page, in breadrumbs i don’t see link to this page but to the category.

    • Kelvin says:

      Honestly, i don’t think this is because of the plugin because it does not affect links in any way. I suspect it is because the theme/breadcrumb plugin has not been configured to show breadcrumbs for custom post types.

      An easy way to confirm this would be to make a product using normal posts (not the “add new product” section) and see whether you get a breadcrumb for the product in a post.

  10. RaulK says:

    Breadcrumb is of this type:
    home>category>single product page
    instead of
    home>product page*>single product page
    *built with the shortcode [dpsc_grid_display category=”1” total=”12″ column=”3″ per_page=”4″ type=”duka”]

  11. RaulK says:

    With last version of NavXT(today) breadrumb is:
    home>single product page
    instead of
    home>product pages*>single product page
    *built with the shortcode [dpsc_grid_display category=”1” total=”12″ column=”3″ per_page=”4″ type=”duka”]

    • Kelvin says:

      Thanks for this bug report. I suspect the issue comes about because the page showing the products grid is a WordPress page while the products are either posts or custom post types. By default WordPress will not link them together with breadcrumbs.

      However, we’re looking into finding how to make it work

  12. Stephen says:

    Clicking on product tags results in ‘Page Not Found’. I suspect this is because products are custom post type. How can I resolve this issue?

  13. When I add a new product, and wanna see the page it says: ‘Page Not Found’.
    The addition of new product is automatically on “”
    However, I have no product page. How can I resolve this issue?

    • rixeo says:

      Hello there,

      Kindly go to your WordPRess settings undder Permalinks and click the “Save button”. Then try again

      • Hello there,
        thank you for your reply. I wanna ask you another question. When I create products within a category, then I want to put in another page by using [dpsc_grid_display category=”1” total=”12″ column=”3″ per_page=”4″ type=”duka” order=”DESC”]. However, the image of products in a category cannot be showed. The product name and it’s price are showed, not the product image. Could you please offer a solution for that stuff? Thank you very much for your kindly interest.

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