How To Set Up Your Shop Using DukaPress


My first ever video, lol. I hope someone somewhere finds this useful.

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  1. Allan Kapten says:

    KENYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! Implementing Dukapress on my site,

  2. David says:

    Hey this video has been very good and usable to me, every time that I have a questio it has helped me, thank you soooooo MUch!

  3. Goomoi says:

    Hi kelvin please help me

    how to change comma with dot in dukapress price?? cuz format at my country like this one Rp 320.000,00 not Rp 320,000.00 .

  4. skibiriti says:

    My desire is just to view photos with a button “More” button instead of “Add to cart”. I also do not want to display the price. Is there a solution?. Thank you.

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