We’re glad to announce some features that we’re working on and expect to see released VERY soon. Here they are:

  1. Affiliate management system
  2. WordPress Multisites support – so that you can run your own!
  3. New widgets to display things like “new arrivals”, product thumbnails on sidebars, etc
  4. Improvement of the mobile payment processing to enable any mobile payment system in the world to work, rather than just Kenyan mobile payment systems
  5. Platform-ification. i.e. making DukaPress more of a platform so that you can build other plugins to work with it
  6. A way to showcase a slideshow of products anywhere
  7. Internationalization – the ability to translate DukaPress into other languages quick and easy
  8. New shipping processing method: table based rates
  9. A way to notify site visitors that something has been added to the cart
  10. Inclusion of jqZoom to, possibly, replace Magic Zoom
  11. What do you think of these ideas? Are you looking forward to having them?

    Do you want to see any feature in particular? Submit your idea here.

    Do not worry, before we release any more features we shall fix all known bugs. Did you find a bug? Please report it here.

    Just so you know, We LOVE feedback.

3 Responses

  1. RaulK says:

    It’s very interesting….seems will be a radical improvement…we are waiting for this new release to celebrate it! Best regards!

  2. ascetic says:

    I suppose Internationalization should be the at the top priority to leverage dukapress 😀

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