DukaPress 1.3.0 is here!


Well, we’re finally getting to the point where we release all the cool new things we’ve been building for you. Today is the day we release quite a number of this.

DukaPress 1.3.0 packs the following:

  1. We crushed even more annoying little bugs
  2. The DukaPress UI has changed quite significantly. We think it is better, both aesthetically and from a user interface point of view.
  3. Very many of you have complained about the product images displayed by DukaPress – they just don’t fit well in some themes. We heard you, and we changed this to make it such that you can define the image sizes yourself, with no coding at all. Cool? Thanks Jeff Combs for the insight.
  4. We improved the DukaPress mobile payment processor to be able to handle any system in the world. It does not matter if you are in Kenya, Uganda, South Africa or the where-ever else, you can now process mobile payments through DukaPress.*
  5. DukaPress now also works with multiple currencies. It is a very simple implementation, though – if, for example, your main shop currency is Kenyan Shillings but you want to use PayPal as a payment processor (which does not support Kenyan Shillings), you are now able to define the currency that gets sent to PayPal. We use www.xe.com to do real-time currency conversions.
  6. We added support for JQ Zoom. Thank you Ameise for this suggestion.
  7. DukaPress now displays a simple indication that something has been added to the shopping cart. Now your customers know when they add something to the cart successfully.

Features that did not make it 🙁
Because we wanted to release today, some features that we had planned for 1.3 are not yet ready. These will probably come later this week (or even tomorrow):

  • New widgets
  • Support for languages other than English
  • Simple way to create a product slideshow
  • Support for international money formats (i.e some people use , instead of . but DukaPress only supports . right now )
  • New, table rates based shipping module
  • Fedex shiping module
  • Verification of input fields at checkout

You can view more information on the upcoming features here. Please keep checking, DukaPress 1.4 is just round the corner!

What do you think of Dukapress 1.3.0?

When you first upgrade you may notice that the plugin ruins your images on the site. If this happens, just go to DukaPress settings and click “save”. Everything will magically repair itself!

*Unless your mobile payments provider is weird/very different from the rest of the world.

5 Responses

  1. RaulK says:

    Support for languages is a priority! On every update dp-products.php must be re-translate! I hope it wil be released soon….

    • Kelvin says:

      Coming this very week, promise! Sorry for the inconvenience of re-translating every time. 🙁

      In other news, I would really like to see your DukaPress shop, share a link?

  2. RaulK says:

    Yes, when it’s ready….i’m developing it!

  3. Cindy says:

    I’m having problems with “Make Payment” button. It doesn’t work! And my checkout page is all jammed together.

    Any help??

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