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Ever wanted to include a slideshow of your shop’s products anywhere on your shop? Well, now you can do so quickly and easily using the DukaPress Simple SlideShow premium addon.

DukaPress Slideshow

DukaPress Slideshow - click for larger view

The Simple SlideShow is a DukaPress Premium Addon that allows for the display of a simple slideshow. The slideshow is populated using product images. This addon has the following features:

  • The admin can choose the image size
  • The admin can choose the number of images to show
  • The admin can choose the speed of the slideshow
  • The admin can choose whether the slideshow starts automatically when the page loads
  • The admin can choose which category or categories of products should be in the slideshow
  • It is easy to style the slideshow via CSS

Sounds good to you? Why not get it? You wil be killing two birds with one stone, so to speak:

  1. You will get a really simple slideshow system for your shop
  2. You will support DukaPress

Get it now, it is only $6.

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