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Suppose you have a DukaPress powered shop and that you live in Nairobi, Kenya. You sell stuff online and deliver them to your customers. Most of your customers are in Nairobi and a few major Kenyan cities but you also have customers in the continent of Africa and North America.

How would you charge for shipping/delivery? it would be easy to use something like USPS, DHL or Fedex, right? The problem is that these courier company systems are nearly impossible to automate into your shopping cart. Other problems:

  • How do you easily set a different shipping rate for different cities/towns in the same country (in this case Kenya).
  • How do you set the same shipping rate for a group of countries? (North America, or Africa as a whole).
DukaPress Shipping Pro

Shipping Pro in action (click to view larger)

Introducing Shipping Pro
All the above problems are easily solved with our new premium addon, DukaPress Shipping Pro. The addon adds a new shipping module inside the DukaPress shipping options called “Shipping Pro”.

This module lets you to define a custom location. For each custom location, you are able to define the shipping rate per Kilogram. Custom locations may be such as: different towns in your country, different provinces/counties/states, groups of countries – anything, really.

When active, your customers are presented, on the checkout page, with a choice of locations to which they want their order delivered. When they select a location, the shipping fee is calculated accordingly. We believe that Shipping Pro is a simple yet powerful way to charge for shipping – especially for those in countries not well served by USPS, Fedex, or any other commercial courier company.

Click here to learn more about Shipping Pro.

By purchasing DukaPress Shipping Pro, you help support the DukaPress project. Thank you.

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  1. Portdeco says:

    Hi, i want to buy the shipping pro addon. I have a dukapress shop which works and i don’t want to do anything stupid to upset that. In the information on the shipping pro is says that weights must be entered in Kilgrams but on the product editing pages it specifies that weight should be in gramms. which one should i ignor?
    thanks in advance for your answer.

    Kind regards,

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