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Hi there!

So we’re just about to start looking at what features must make it into the next release of DukaPress. We each have our favorite features that we’d like to see but we’re not sure what should be the priority.

So we thought: who better to ask than you guys? What features would you absolutely love to see in DukaPress 2.1?

Please note that we’re not promising to develop all (or any) of the features you guys list. We’d just love to get ideas from you.

Thank you.

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  1. Lyd says:

    Am using Duka Theme and the Styles addon and cannot get the breadcrumb effect to work in the main menu. It works well in your demo (http://madoido.com/dukatheme/).
    I have tried everything, including a reinstall.
    What have I missed?
    The plugin is excellent as is your support.

  2. Lyd says:

    Kelvin, thanks for getting back to me. By breadcrumb effect I meant a change of color in a menu tab to indicate the page I’m on.
    I spent a lot of time trying to find a solution but finally found it by creating a menu and pointing the main menu to it.
    Thinking this was perhaps the wrong place to address my question, I posted on the forum as well. Sorry about the doubling up.
    Am very happy with the plugin, keep up the good work.

  3. Eric says:

    Hi, I’ve been using DukaPress on a few client sites, tearing it up and rewriting the css to suit the clients needs. Everyone wants something different. On a recent site I found myself wasting a lot of time creating what DukaPress didn’t offer, so here are some thoughts on what can be useful.

    Displaying the product on the checkout.

    Adding the product code or inventory number. Some sites have so much inventory that it’s faster to look it up by code instead of name.

    A way to display collections for products such as jewelry.
    Imagine you have earring that also go well with a necklace and bracelet. You could add a grid at the bottom of the product page and then tell it to display specific items only. Lot of work. But wouldn’t it be nice to have a way to display 3 or 4 pictures of different products that make a collection on the same page? Then you’d have to have a way to add each item separately or as a whole.

    A return button. When you’re looking at the product detail page there’s no way other then clicking the return button to get you back to the previous page.

    A little more style or at least a breakdown of the templates so we can write our own filters and functions.

    Recently I has someone ask if there was a way to set up “bidding” for their one of a kind artwork. Is there a way to add this functionality? Is there a way to set this up with cap limitation? Starting bids? Silent auctions?

    And lastly, perhaps a different image display for the single page. Having the images available in a carousel style gallery on the detail page might be a little more attractive.

    If these questions have already been addressed, I’m new and my apologies. If they have answers, point them out to me so I can look into them please.

  4. I’d like to see a product page where you could list a digital product, but also offer an optional tangible backup (cd, dvd, etc.) of the same file to be shipped later, but for less than the customer could purchase it alone elsewhere on the website, since they have already purchased the digital copy.

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