Introducing 254

254 WordPress e-commerce theme

254 WordPress DukaPress theme

A few days ago, we released a new theme named 254. 254 is a clean and minimal WordPress & DukaPress e-commerce theme. 254 is a child theme made from the elegant Satoshi by VooshThemes.

Theme Features

  • Clean and minimal layout
  • Drop-down menu support
  • 2-column layout and widget-ready sidebar
  • Support for WordPress 3.0 custom menus
  • Styled to work elegantly with DukaPress

As with all the other themes we have made, 254 is also meant to show you how easy it is to modify your own theme to be perfectly styled for DukaPress, and indeed, to enable you to easily make your own custom DukaPress theme. Therefore, we invite you to look under the hood to see how we did things.

In case you are wondering, “254” is the country code for our homeland, the beautiful Republic of Kenya.

View the LIVE DEMO or DOWNLOAD it.

2 Responses

  1. Igor says:

    looks fancy. Since this is a customization based on DP, I suggest some more tweaks of the cart CSS, so that there’s more space left out between Currently In Stock, Select Size and Add to Cart button. The current setting is functional, but it’s too stuffed together… just doesn’t seem “free” and doesn’t make the shopping experience pleasent. When things are so stuffed closely together the site feels claustrophobic, which isnt good for business. Also, the checkout form could use some allignment, perhaps a table-based approach for the fields, so they’re alligned? The current DP setting makes the checkout page seem a bit on the amateur side. Also, the widget Cart looks nice, with different font size for the items and the cart field labels. This same approach would be good at the checkout page, so it’s clearly visible what’s what. Adding more “breathing” space is also a good thing to do for the checkout. And lastly, I’ve read recently that credit card logos and Safe Shopping logo helps greatly in shopping experience and conversion rate.
    So, to sum up: 254 is great! Good work. Things to improve: use more empty space in the cart-generated text so the page can breath, spice up the formatting of the Checkout page, add credit card and secure shopping logos to boost conversion rate.

    regards from Plus 389 🙂

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