DukaPress in Spanish & French


I am very happy to announce that DukaPress is now available in both French and Spanish. This is all thanks to the work of Danilo Casati (for the Spanish translation) and Wolforg (for French translation).

You can find the language files here: http://plugins.svn.wordpress.org/dukapress/trunk/languages/

You can also find the French translation here.

Enjoy DukaPress! 🙂

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  1. Kolja says:


    Is there a german translation also avalible ?

  2. Kolja says:

    Great! FULL service!

    Thank you

  3. Sebastian says:

    Hi there Kelvin!

    I’ve got a problem; the spanish translation does not appear when i go to the Checkout page (the submit button doesn’t appear translated).

    I’ve tried with the PoEdit but the option does not appear; and i cannot find it in the php files.
    Here’s a pic to show you exactely my problem:


    Thanks in advance,

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