DukaPress 2.3.3 – TimThumb Security Update


This is another tiny albeit important update that fixes a security issue with timthumb.php which can be found inside the “lib” folder within DukaPress.

We use timthumb.php to resize images. It turns out that there is a grave security risk with using an unmodified timthumb.php. The vulnerability is described here.

Timthumb 2.0 was recently made available. It represents a complete re-write of the old version with many enhanced features and security fixes. We believe that this necessitates a DukaPress update to keep our users safe. Therefore, say hello to DukaPress 2.3.3

The only thing that changes is the replacing of the old timthumb.php with timthumb.php version 2.5

How to upgrade:
1. Get the latest version of timthumb.php and replace the old one in DukaPress.
2. Download and install DukaPress 2.3.3


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  1. Conan says:

    Thanks for the security update!

    Bug: Line 477 of dp-products.php is missing a before the the clear div

    When updating I lost my custom translation file, any way to avoid that in the future?

  2. Yves says:

    i’m tying dukapress, it’s a very good plugin
    i’ve a problem when i put [dpsc_display_product_image_only] , i got 2 pictures (one little and one big) i think it’s a problem with lightbox

    Have you any idea


  3. kurt says:

    Hey Duka Team, sawa?

    I wanted to suggest a couple features that would make it more user friendly for newies (my clients want to manage their own content, but don’t know much about computers at all)

    Since you’ve brought in the GUI, would it be possible to also have a shortcode cheat sheet right on add product page? this would save a lot of copy and pasting time between pages. Another alternative would be to add a MCE button or drop down that will auto plug in the right short code when selected.

    Great product! I chose this over WP e-commerce 🙂 Still not fully operational as im still testing it out, but so far its great!

  4. Yves says:

    i’va bought DukaPress Styles for $15 By Paypal
    I’ve recieved a link by mail, but i don’t see how to get the file

    Can you contact me by mail


  5. yasir says:

    I m using grid layout to display products but products thumbnails are not appearing..

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