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Today we released Dukapress 3.0. It’s a major change to the direction we want to go with the plugin and we hope the new features will make it easier to use the plugin. We have introduced alot of new things and modified some old things. Here are the major changes we did :

New Settings Page


We have separated the settings and added a few new ones. Your old settings will be automatically migrated once you update.



Orders are now saved as custom post types. All previous orders can be imported from the “Tools” Settings menu. This will only be available if the default orders table from the previous versions exists



Code Change

We have made the more developer friendly. Alot of the classes are auto-loaded and payment gateways can now be added with more ease without breaking core code. We have also changed the way downloads work and all functions are now modular.

23 Responses

  1. Kelvin says:

    Good job, Paul

  2. Victor says:

    We updated our plug-in to Dukapress 3.0 and nothing works now… HELP!

    • rixeo says:

      Hello Victor,

      We changed alot of code. Is there any custom Dukapress plugins you are using? Can you share your site URL also?

    • rixeo says:

      Hello Victor,

      I see you are using the shortcode [dpsc_display_product_information_only] . Kindly change it to [dpsc_display_product images=’false’]

  3. Stephen says:

    I’m trying to debug our issues since upgrade to latest version. It looks like [dpsc_display_addcart] is deprecated?

    • rixeo says:

      Hello Stephen,

      Yes. I merged existing shortcodes into one main one, especially the ones dealing with products. You can try this [dpsc_display_product images=’false’]

      • Stephen says:

        Thanks. That brings back the product drop down options and the ‘Add to cart’ button, but it is also displaying the product image even with the setting set to false, and I would prefer not to display it. Any thoughts?

  4. Victor says:

    Is there any way to go back to the previous version? Can’t have my site down. Thanks.

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