DukaPress Styles Manual

DukaPress Styles lets you customize the look and feel of your DukaPress shop quickly and easily and with absolutely no need to mess around in code. This is a premium DukaPress addon that can be purchased here.

DukaPress Styles is a WordPress plugin that you install in addition to DukaPress.

Click here to learn how to install a WordPress plugin.

Once installed and activated, DukaPress Styles adds a news section to your WordPress Admin:

DukaPress Styles Admin

DukaPress Styles Admin

To start editing your shop’s design, you need to head over to “Custom Settings” under “Styles”. You will find a screen that looks like:
DukaPress Styles Settings

DukaPress Styles Settings (click for larger view)

You can use these settings to edit:

  • Add to Cart button colour
  • Add to Cart text colour
  • Empty Cart button colour
  • Empty Cart text colour
  • Checkout button colour
  • Checkout text colour
  • The colour of the border around the products on the Grid page
  • The colour of the background around the products on the Grid Page
  • Whether or not to show:
    • Add to cart button on Grid Page
    • Product name on Grid page
    • Product price on Grid page
    • The border around products on the Grid page
    • Add to cart button on single product pages
    • The product price on single product pages
    • The whole container of price, variations, and “Add to cart” on single product pages
    • The small thumbnail images on single product pages
    • The large main image on single product pages

Advanced CSS Editor
Should you require a finer grain of control, there is an area where you can easily write your DukaPress CSS and achieve that perfect look and feel for your shop. This should only be used be persons who KNOW CSS.

DukaPress Styles has been tested and confirmed to be working perfectly with a large number of the most common WordPress themes. It is design to work well with absolutely any WordPress theme. However, due to the vast differences in the way themes are created, we cannot guarantee that it will work with every theme in the world, especially those that are not coded to WordPress coding standards.

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