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  1. Manfred Ng says:

    Hi Kelvin, is it possible to have two prices to key in and when display in Grid View on the main page, the Visitor can see a Sale and Rental Price as our merchandise can be either bought full or be rented.

    Currently our rental price are placed inside the product which create a lot of questioning from our customer as not every one click into the product page to see the rental price. I hope it can be display in the grid page.

    An example of what i want is shown in this page www_dot_cherrypompom_dot_com

    Thank you.

  2. wham says:

    I think it is possible but you need to do some custom coding to make it work

  3. What I need doesn’t appear to be available, so wondering if it can be implemented? I sell both cds and digital files of the same content as that on the cds, as an option in receiving it right away. I wanted to be able to offer a cd backup of the same digital product for a little less than I offer the cd when sold alone, on the same product page that offers the digital product, with the variation in price of the combo package. Can it be done?

    • Patryk says:

      Is it just me or is anyone hainvg trouble with this feature?? When I use an image I need to insert into post in order to get it to show up? If i dont Insert it I get nothing, but thedownside is, when i insert, I dont get the dropdowns on the summary page. aarrgggghhh can you advise on this. What am i doing wrong here??

  4. Gbenga says:

    I need a liberty reserve payment option added to the cart

  5. Nasir Saloo says:

    Hi, Would it be possible to have a upload photo facility where customers can browse their PC and send me their photo they wish to print.
    I am in the process of setting up a canvas printing business where the main line will be personalised canvas and t shirt printing.

  6. Mike Miller says:

    Hey guys, I own a custom printing business and it would be wonderful if your plug-in could accept customer uploads and forward them to a specific email after order is complete. My customers need to send me photos to print. Thanks

  7. fundance says:


  8. Ted Helgeson says:

    Hello Kevin, How about the Ability to upload products by way of an Excel spreadsheet? I know this is something we talked about A LONG TIME ago but, to my knowledge, it has yet to be implmented.

    Sure would be nice! 😉

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