List View Manual

The DukaPress List View is a Premium Addon for DukaPress. DukaPress List View will easily let you display your products in a nice list so that you can sell easier. It can be purchased here.

It is a WordPress plugin that you install in addition to DukaPress.

Click here to learn how to install a WordPress plugin.

Important Note If You Are Uploading Via FTP: If you upload the plugin via FTP, it may not work and give critical errors. This is not a bug in the plugin itself and can be very easily solved by chossing your FTP transfer type to be “binary” and then re-uploading the plugin. See this.

Once installed, DukaPress List View is ready for use!

Click here to learn how to install a WordPress plugin.

Once you install and activate DukaPress List View, a new DukaPress Shortcode will be added to your website. The shortcode is:


This shortcode works similarly to the regular DukaPress shortcode for creating Grid displays.

This particular shortcode has these variables that you need to define for it to work correctly:

  • category – should contain products category id – you can have more than one id separated by commas. How do you find a category id?
  • total – defines the number of products that should be displayed.
  • per_page – this is the number of products to display per page
  • order – defines how the products will be ordered. Possible values are ASC, DESC or rand. You can only use one at time.
  • sku – this is completely optional. if you include the words sku=”true” in the shortcode, then an SKU column will be output. For this to work, you need to have defined, in your products, a custom field named “sku”

When correctly defined, it should look like this:

DukaPress List View Shortcode

DukaPress List View Shortcode (click for larger)

For example, if you define your shortcode as:
[dpsc_list_display category=”1” total=”12″ per_page=”4″ type=”duka” order=”DESC”]

This will display products from category ID 1. It will display a total of 12 products, with 4 products on every page. The products will be ordered in a descending way. Kindly note that you have to change category=”1” to bear the category id of your products.

Buy Now Buttons
If you add the modifier direct=”true” to the shortcode, then you will have “Buy Now” buttons instead of “Add to Cart”. This will look like so: [dpsc_list_display category=”1” total=”12″ per_page=”4″ type=”duka” order=”DESC” direct=”true”]

Product Excerpt
If you define the excerpt for your products, it will appear as a short description on the Grid View Product page(s).

It is very easy to manipulate every little aspect of DukaPress List View using CSS. We have included “CSS hooks” that you can target to make List View look and feel exactly how you want it to fee.

If you have Firefox with the Firebug extension or Google Chrome and you “Inspect Element” While viewing the List View product list, you will see all the CSS hooks that you can target.

Inside the DukaPress List View folder, there is a CSS file named dp_list_view.css to assist in this.

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