Shipping Pro Manual

Shipping Pro is a Premium Addon for DukaPress that can be purchased here.

The Shipping Pro Addon is a WordPress plugin that you install in addition to DukaPress.

Click here to learn how to install a WordPress plugin.

Once installed and activated, the addon is ready for use!

When you go to DukaPress Settings > Product Management > Shipping Options, you will find a new shipping method called “Shipping Pro“.

DukaPress shipping options

Shipping Pro active (click for larger image)

Shipping Pro uses custom locations to charge for shipping. Custom locations can be regions or states within a country, or groups of countries. For example, you can create a custom location named “North America” which is made up of the USA, Canada and Mexico; or you can create another custom location called “Western Kenya” which is a location within the republic of Kenya. Each custom location can have a different shipping rate.

To create a custom location:

  1. give it a name
  2. select the country or countries that make up that location
  3. set a shipping rate. Please note that the shipping rate is the amount to charge for shipping per Kilogram of the products in the shopping cart of the customer.

DukaPress Shipping Pro setting locations

setting locations (click for larger image)

Once you have created your custom locations and selected Shipping Pro as the active shipping method, it will become available for customers on your checkout page. Customers will be asked to select the location they want their items shipped to – when they select, the shipping fee is calculated according to your settings.
DukaPress Shipping Pro selecting shipping location

selecting shipping location (click for larger image)

Note that once the user selects the shipping location, they cannot select a shipping country that is not included in the custom location that you set.
DukaPress Shipping Pro countries limited

countries limited (click for larger image)

Setting The Shipping Rate
The shipping rate used in Shipping Pro is calculated according to weight classes. This means that you can set different shipping rates for different weights for every custom location that you create.

In the shipping rate position you should input something that looks like: 0-10|5#11-15|8#16-ul|15.

This means that:

  • cart weight between 0kg to 10Kilograms (Kg), a shipping fee of 5 is charged.
  • If the cart weight is between 11Kg to 15Kg, 8 is charged as the shipping fee.
  • If cart weight exceeds 16Kg, then 15 is charged as the shipping fee.

Please note that all your products weights must be defined otherwise nothing will work!

Also note that the weight is in Kilograms.

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