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    Prospective User

    Is there a way to make the AJAX cart more obvious?

    For example, on your demonstration site instead of the way things are now, how about:

    1. cart’s background color flashes for one-second (a kind of twinkle) to another color, just to catch the visitor’s attention, to provide a stronger visual confirmation of the cart’s changed status

    2. this other color then slowly fades (elegantly) back into the initial background color of the cart

    How hard would it be to implement this? I sense that it shouldn’t be very difficult at all…all advice appreciated!!




    I’ve read through this with great interest! You have a really good idea – I’d like to see you implement it.

    It is certainly possible and I am sure any experienced developer can pull it off.


    Prospective User

    Unfortunately I have no programming skills whatsoever — can just barely do XHTML/CSS as it is! =(

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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