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    how to setup product admin email for receiving orders, and why did not have order log nothing after orders have been made? help please!!



    Just more clearly:
    1. I do not receive any email from admin a/c when some order have been placed for testing.
    2. order log has nothing after order placed, enable user registration unticked.
    3. i am using the latest version dukapress and wordpress.
    4. customer email has nothing received.
    5. can not link for download invoice at thank you page.
    Thanks for help



    Have you had a look at this: http://dukapress.org/docs/email-management/



    I did:
    order placed to admin: subject- one order has bee made
    Message- %baddress% %saddress% %inv% %shop% %order- log-transaction%

    The email would send to admin email after a order placed. but I did not receive any emails on both admin or customer side.

    And why was nothing in order log? because the email was not working?
    please let me know how to sort the problem.



    Can you please give temporary admin access to duka(at)dukapress.org so that I can look into this?



    mail has been sent to duka@press.org. please have a look for helping me



    thank you for helping me!
    one more question:
    when admin received a order email. Tnere was a link for order log.
    when I linked to order log. It said that No records found!

    Why? thanks again



    I thinked that there was no database recorded after a order placed. so I could not see any record in order log.
    Why did that happened?
    please help me, many thanks



    Can you please try and use an unmodified version of DukaPress and then we can see if it works? We will then narrow down the possible causes of problems.



    Just sent email to you for more details and an unmodified dukapress installed.
    one idea: if DukaPress can make options for sending details information for email rather than just billing address and shipping address. e.g shopping goods details and total sales

    Thanks 🙂



    can not fix my self!!



    I still have the same problem and I could not fix myself. now I am thinking how to delete all database and install a complete new dukapress? I have tried uninstall plugin in worldpress. When I reinstall the dukapress, the database was automatic back into dukapress. Is there any one can help me and fix this problem?



    I loved your article post. Really Great.

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)

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