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    Hi,i discover that when i change the paid status to the admin panel and send a payment notification.i receive the test appear that the subject are empty or [No Subject],but i just put some subject under payments,to admin side.any idea?



    Have you set up the emails correctly?




    Yes i already set up the email management from order place until payments.but it seems that the only one that won’t work are the payments admin side.i put some subject and the body just like in the tutorial.but no luck still no subject to the email.



    any update?


    Junnel Gallemaso

    Do you have any updates about this?  It seems a bug.  Mine has the same problem with James, Payments Received Notification for Admin doesn’t have a Subject. It says “No Subject”. I am using Dukapress Version 2.3.5 and wordpress 3.4.1



    Have you set up the emails?


    Junnel Gallemaso

    @kevin: I already setup the email. All are ok except for payment Notification that will be sent to admin. No subject has been sent to the email. It this a bug?

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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