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Its been sometime since I last posted here, alot of work on Dukapress. Here are some major changes you should be expecting in a few days as we finish testing the code:

  • Code reorder – The code has been completely re-written from the ground up. Its been a good 3 months. The code is now very dynamic and allows easy additions and extending of the core plugin
  • Products – We have added a few product features. Digital files can now be uploaded or just provide a direct URL to them. The admin product page has more information and you can now show related products using a shortcode.
  • Orders – We have moved orders from a custom database table to a custom post type. This allows more flexibility and details on the products. There is a tool to help migrate the old order to the new format.
  • PDF’s – PDF Invoices are now saved in an external directory in the wp-content directory
  • Checkout – You can now add your own custom fields dynamically and arrange them in the order you want
  • Template Functions – More functions for your custom themes
  • Payment Gateways – More gateways and more flexibility to add more

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