User Management

As of DukaPress 2.0, one now has the option to turn on user registration.

DukaPress user registrations

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When on, Dukapress will automatically register a new user for your WordPress installation with every order that it processes. It:

  • assigns the email provided at checkout as the user’s username
  • automatically generates a new password for the user
  • emails the user notifying them of their new login credentials

Order Logs
This also makes it possible for each and every user to have a unique order log comprising of all their previous purchases at your particular shop.

There is a new shortcode – [dp_order_log] – which when placed on a WordPress page, creates an area where logged in users can view their previous purchases in an order log.

DukaPress order log

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Checkout Memory
Whenever a logged in user who has made a previous purchase on a particular shop tries to checkout, the checkout fields will automatically remember his previous credentials and he will not have to enter everything in afresh.

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