Order Management

DukaPress provides a simple way to manage the orders that you receive at your online shop.

When an order is made, the system sends the shop admin an email with a link to the order’s transactions page. Here, the admin can view the details of the order as well as send payment notification emails to the customer.

How to manage an order

  • If you click on “order log” in the DukaPress admin menu, you will be taken to a page that lists all the orders made from the online shop in question.
  • By clicking on the “Status” of each particular order, one is able to toggle the order’s status from Pending to Paid to Canceled.
  • Once the order is labeled with its correct status, one should click on the order’s invoice number to get to the order’s transaction page. The shop admin can then notify the customer of the status of his/her order by clicking on “send payment notification”.
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