Setting Up

1. Put the DukaPress Shopping Cart plugin in /wp-content/plugins.

2. Go to WordPress Dashboard > Plugins > Plugins and activate the DukaPress Shopping Cart

3. A new dropdown menu for DukaPress is created in the WordPress Admin backend.

For help with installing WordPress, go here.

After Installing…
After installation, then you need to set up the plugin for use. You will need to:

  1. Make sure that the Cache folder inside DukaPress is write-able (CHMOD of 755) by the server otherwise the images will not show up correctly. Here’s how to do this.
  2. Create a check-out page. This is the page that houses the checkout process. Just create a blank page and into it paste this: [dpsc_checkout]
  3. Create a thank you page. This is the page that your visitors will be taken to after checking out. Just create a blank page and into it paste this: [dpsc_thank_you_page]
  4. After you create the above two pages, you need to enter their URLs into the basic shop settings.

  5. Create a product
  6. Create a products page – this is useful if you want your products displayed in one products page or in a “new arrivals” section, or whatever else. Just create a new page and into it paste a correctly configured [dpsc_grid_display] shortcode.
  7. Tests show that your images will not show properly until you save your DukaPress settings the first time. This is because ‘saving’ configures the database tables properly to make everything work!

The Shopping Cart
If you want the shopping cart visible on the sidebar, then you need to add one of the included widgets into your sidebar.

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