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The very genesis of DukaPress was a need to build online shops for Kenyan clients. However, as soon as we put DukaPress on wordpress.org, its main users quickly turned out to be, well, people who are not Kenyans. This was a very big surprise to us! Ultimately, though, it gave us an opportunity to build DukaPress into what has turned out to be a pretty stable and solid business.

Unfortunately, this has meant that ever since our initial launch, our grand ideas to make features specific to Kenya were pushed aside as we strove to build features being requested by people who actually used the software as well as serve clients.

This year, we want to try and change this a little bit. We’re working on what we think are exciting features aimed at our Kenyan users. Some of these are:

  • Full Integration with ‘Kenyan’ payment gateways such as PesaPal, Iveri, and the unofficial MPESA API, PesaPi.
  • Integration with related/relevant Kenyan tools such as Uhasibu
  • Creating themes with a very Kenyan flavour or feel to them

What other things can we do?

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  1. We at Uhasibu are always willing to help third parties integrate with Uhasibu.
    If you need any developer information, or just a general talk about how to best integrate with Uhasibu then please get in contact.

    Meenwhile take a look at: http://www.uhasibu.co.ke/api/index.php

    n.b. as told before we can also help you with the PesaPi thing..

  2. Peter Waa says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I have been made aware of DukaPress by a Kenyan online merchant, who would like to use the Paysure Internet Payment service.

    Paysure limited is an Internet Payment Processing Platform that allows Kenyan online merchants to be able to accept Kenswitch debit card online payments.

    Please let me know how we can get the Paysure Payment Processing Module added to your list of pre-configured ‘Kenyan’ Payment Gateways.

    Kind Regards,
    Peter Waa.

  3. seyfullah says:

    hi does it send sms notification on payment

  4. seyfullah says:

    hi i would like to use mpesa as my mode of payment,,,,,,,,,,, does it send sms notications and how do i configure it

  5. seyfullah says:

    hi dukapress seems not to work for me…………. when i click on the link make payment it doesnot take me to the next page……………..urgent .urgent .urgent.urgent

  6. Harison says:

    Hi Dukapress I am having a problem with getting to any of the options in the Dukapress settings. I am clicking on the Basic Shop setting but the link is not responding..Can somebody tell me how to go about this please.

    Thank you

    • rixeo says:

      Hello Harison,

      How are you today? Kindly drop me an email at support[at]dukapress[dot]org and I will be able to assist you more efficiently.

      Thank you

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