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I’m pleased to announce that today we’re releasing the beta version of DukaPress 2.3

You can download it here: DukaPress 2.3 Beta

Why beta? Before we upload it to the official WordPress plugin repository we want it to be as bug-free as possible so that it can work even better for you guys. We love you.

Please note that this Beta release is fairly stable and only very minor bugs remain (from our internal testing so far) and we’re actually using it in actual production websites. However, be cautious because it is indeed still beta software.

The New Stuff

  • We’ve enhanced DukaPress security greatly by making it impossible for people to order items that are out of stock or to order more items than the inventory quantity.
  • We’ve introduced a “Buy Now” button that redirects directly to PayPal instead of taking you to the checkout page. Click here to learn how to use this button.
  • We’ve added some DukaPress stuff to the admin bar so that managing your shop becomes easier.
  • We’ve fixed tens of bugs. A whole lot of bugs were crushed.

Please help us test this version of DukaPress to decrease the number of bugs that will be shipped when we make the final release.

You can download it here: DukaPress 2.3 Beta

43 Responses

  1. bainternet says:

    Looks good, keep up the great job.
    Now after that being said, any chance you guy are going to add filter and action hooks so developers could use them in extending or customizing the functionality???

    For example i’d like to add new payment modules using gateways that are in my country, and also add a new parameter to the paypal form to display the paypal page in my language.

    Right now i’m doing it by “Hacking” the plugins files and every update i have to go over and do it again.

    thanks a head.
    Ohad Raz.

  2. Dave says:

    Hi, I’m the webmaster for TheIdahoYodeler.com. I use and love Dukapress and have added to the suggestions page with pledges to pay for program enhancements. I hope you will have a chance to review these soon.

    In the meantime I have an urgent request… Currently, it seems that only Administrators can access the Dukapress order logs. This is not optimal since I (the Administrator) am not the one who manages orders for the website. My client is a music artist and he needs to be able to have access to manage orders himself, but I don’t want him to be able to change other website settings. Can Dukapress be updated so that a lower user role can access the Order Log?

    Thank you so much for this great program and I hope you can respond to this request soon. I would happily pay for this enhancement too if necessary.

    Thank you,

    • Kelvin says:

      Thank you for this. We’re going to try and package something inside 2.3

    • Kelvin says:

      I’m thinking of making it such that the DukaPress settings are accessible only by the admin but the order log and the customer log can be accessed by the “Editor” role. Do you think this will work for you?

      • Dave says:

        Yes, that would be awesome… In the meantime, I did find another plugin for WordPress that allowed me to get around this issue, but this improvement will be very helpful. Thank you so much Kelvin! The app rocks and I appreciate the great customer service too!!!! 🙂

      • Ovidiu says:

        why not set up some capabilities which we can then assign to a role or a user of our choice? would make things a lot easier..

  3. Dario says:

    Hi Kelvin,

    Do you have a “known issues” list for this version?

    I need to intall this version ASAP cause it fixes the “update” issue with Shipping pro per your comments…

    So I need to be aware of possible defects



    • Kelvin says:

      Well, no known issues, so far 🙂

      • Dario says:

        Cool, thanks!

        I tried the new version and works fine. The thing is that issue with Shipping Pro and “update” quantity is not very user friendly.

        1) Go to Checkout
        2) Select a shipping option
        3) Update quantity

        Dukapress updates the quantity but unselects the selected shipping option. Is there anyway to have the option selected after updating quantity or deleting a product?



        • Kelvin says:

          It works like this because when you update quantity the weight of items in the cart changes so the shipping amount should also change – right?

          • Dario says:

            Yeah, you ´re right.

            Probably putting the Shipping Pro options before calculated final price will be more user friendly.

            1) “Checkout Table” with quantities
            2) “Shipping Table” with shipping options
            3) “Final Price”

            Just a suggestion, thanks!


  4. new_to_the _web says:

    1) I am unsure if I have the moar up to date version of duka press active on my wp site? And If I download it I have to save it to my comp who do I get it on word press?

    2) Suggestions… As a outline – it is absolutley fantastic my shop is already up and running… I would just say more options to customise sidebar checkout and shopping cart…. unless I am missing something??

    3) I am also finding it hard to customise the products for customers to choose size, colour, qauntity i would like them to be able to do this before they add to cart as an option? I am new to this… So I have the products seperate in different colour etc…

    BUT IT IS GREAT!!!!!

    Thank you

  5. Elyas says:

    Hi Kelvin, I am setting-up DukaPress for selling services. The shipping address option is unnecessary. Can this be made optional in 2.3?

    Moreover, I don’t see the product excerpt option despite using ver 2.2, do you have an idea why?

    The method of product image selection can cause confusion, if you can include this feature in the styles upgrade it would be nice.

    Thanks for this great product!

  6. Ken says:

    I’m building a site for my client and the plugin looks great however, is it possible to just create a separate GUI for adding product images?

    And also, regarding the option of adding more than 1 dropdown product variations, is it possible to just add a button that can do that instead of using “||” ?

    I hope you understand what i’m saying.

    Thanks and for the hardwork

  7. jennifer says:

    Love Duka Press but the products tab is not showing up in the thesis framework. I tried downloading the beta to see if that issue has been resolved, however only version 2.2 downloads. I tried clicking the links above and they both download 2.2 not 2.3. Help.

  8. Kevin says:

    Hi Kelvin

    Thanks for all the work to get this together.

    We are trialling it with a client at the moment and one point that came up was the lack of feedback to the user when clicking the add to cart button.

    It updates the cart in the side bar but they would like to see something visual on post/page such as ‘added to card’ even if only briefly.

    Love the opensourceness!


  9. Ovidiu says:

    another minor improvement suggestion:

    the images that dukapress displays for products in the single view and in the grid mode do not have an alt tag. could you change that please? I think it would help for SEO purposes to display the alt tag for images…

  10. Chris says:

    Hello, I’ve sent an email about this and had not yet received a response (just thought I’d post it here in case anyone has any insight). I may just not be understanding the workflow of Duka Press as I’m a new user but it seems to me that a visitor to my site has to fill in all of their info (name, address, phone etc.) on my site and then fill it all out again (plus credit card info) once they hit checkout and arrive on paypal’s site. Is there a way to turn off this mandatory form on my site and have customers only fill out info once at paypal? I realize that this would make pdf receipts and emails to the customer not work but that’s ok as they will receive a receipt from paypal. The ultimate solution would be to have visitors fill out the form on my site and then to pass this data to the paypal form. This could be done in the php however the former suggestion would be a good (and probably more immediate) solution to start with.

  11. Ovidiu says:

    some more suggestions:

    – I’d like to be able to customize the email a customer gets when he receives his username and password, as I don’t want them hitting the login page as I have a customized login on my frontpage that keeps them there and doesn’t redirect them to the dashboard.
    – I’d also like to explain in that email that the login is only needed if one does order again and doesn’t want to type in the personal details again or to check one’s order status

  12. Ovidiu says:

    any pans on integrating with Groupon?
    I have a client that would like to apply at Groupon for featuring his products there, if it works, dukapress needs to incorporate some coupon options – any chance this can be done?

  13. holger79 says:

    Great work guys.
    What about making the product list sortable by name (ascending, descending) or price (ascending, descending).

    What about an option for the “price”. Some items don´t have a price, but a donation link.

  14. feneca says:

    My customer log does not show customer detail. My customer brought things from me but I can’t see their address and their contact no. can you resolve this for me? I thing I’ve been asking since last two month but nobody give me any feedback

  15. Declan says:

    Hey Kelvin,

    Love the shopping cart, however I’m having an issue with the digital products link email, it doesn’t seem to send out the link after paying for the item through paypal.

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