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Its been sometime since we posted anything new here, and a good way to continue is with some big updates.

  • Multi-site
    We want our Dukapress users to be able to use our plugin on their Multi-site installations. We will be rolling this out slowly to few users for testing.
  • More Gateways
    We will be adding more payment gateway options so that your customers can have a better experience on your website.
  • More Themes
    We are working on more themes to give you the full power of Dukapress. Many of us want the best look and feel for our stores with something that has been proven to work.
  • Code Rewrite 
    To accomplish all of this, there are major code rewrites that will be taking place. We will document all changes and keep you up to date before the major release. With the code rewrite we will be able to give you more features and better support.

We expect to start rolling out these changes in the course of the month. All new changes will be in the branch . We will keep you posted

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