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My name is Paul, Main Developer at DukaPress. We’ve been real busy upgrading the software to meet the standards with e-commerce and to allow you as the user to still enjoy the plugin. I will be highlighting a few features that we are currently testing and working on and our plans for DukaPress. I hope you are excited as I am

  • Code rewrite – A lot of the code has been redone to allow us to bring new and better things to you. We have also changed what you can do with the plugin and added more things that I will cover later on. If you have custom code in your DukaPress plugin, you can contact us on how we can best help you migrate these changes by simply adding action hooks.
  • Transactions – Before we were saving transactions in a database, we have now changed this to be a custom post type. This will allow us to cater for multi-site functionality in the plugin and easier exporting of transactions for users of the plugin
  • Admin interface – We have done a complete rework on this to allow for a cleaner interface with more customizing features available
  • Products – Your products will still work, but they will now have more features like related products, popular products, sales counts, etc
  • Social – We are making DukaPress social by allowing you or your users to share products on social sites such as Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter
  • Product Pages – Before it was a challenge to change the page slug /products to show a list of products. We have now made this¬†changeable via the admin interface
  • Payment Options – More payment options and more plug-gable
  • Shipping options – More and better shipping options

We will be releasing a beta version on DukaPress on the 14th August 2015 and we hope that you will like the new changes.

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