Introducing Begi


Begi WordPress e-commerce theme
Begi is a clean, minimal and highly customizable WordPress e-commerce theme. It is based on Vanilla Cart whose development ceased a while ago.

Theme Features

  • Clean, minimal and stylish
  • Drop-down menu support
  • 2-column layout and widget-ready sidebar
  • Support for WordPress 3.0 custom menus
  • Support for custom backgrounds
  • Styled to work elegantly with DukaPress

View the LIVE DEMO or DOWNLOAD it.

PS Instead of downloading a whole new theme, you can use DukaPress Styles to make DukaPress look GOOD on your current theme.

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  1. Mark says:


    I know I asked for this on another comment but I just took a look at the begi theme and it has a basic version of what I was trying to do. On the right it has


    When you click on “carvings” it brings you to all the carvings, etc. This is what I was trying to achieve but am unsure of how to do it. Any help?

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